Monday, July 23, 2012

The Margaret Mitchell House & Pecan Pie

When the Margaret Mitchell House was proposed in Atlanta during the early 1990s, there was one person who I thought should have supported the idea. Celestine Sibley. 

She had a column in the Atlanta paper called Dixie Living. Her column was one of the last Southern ones in the paper. She had known Margaret Mitchell personally and knew that "Peggy" thought the apartment where she wrote most of Gone with the wind was a "Dump."

I wrote her a letter and called her a scalawag! The next thing I know my dad lets me know that I was in her column. Dad wrote a note designating me as the official scalawager of the family.

Celestine's column appears below. 

I had had my say and was excited to be able to attend the opening ceremony for the Margaret Mitchell house. It was held on May 12th 1997. I even attended the candle light ceremony with a small group of people which included the last living relatives of Margaret Mitchell. After attending the ceremony I wrote this story. 

After my experience at the Margaret Mitchell house I wrote Celestine an apology and sent this story. She sent this typed letter back on her Atlanta paper stationary. It is now framed in a place of honor in my office. Celestine died in 1999 after being  at the Atlanta paper since 1941.

Remember ......your elders have seen a lot of life and can give you some wise advice. I learned this from Celestine that is for sure. 

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