Thursday, October 1, 2015

Behind the scenes of the New “Deal” on SCV car tags.

In June of this year 2015 Governor Nathan Deal and his Abolitionist Lynne Riley, head of the Georgia Department of Revenue, halted the sale of tags with the Confederate Flag on them. These tags have been sold in the State of Georgia since 2003.

The tags that were halted had the Confederate Flag in the background with the Sons of Confederate Veterans logo on them.

Lynne Riley upon initially halting the sale of the tags was quoted as saying “There will not be another Confederate Flag on the State Tag.” Riley from Massachusetts, home of the hated Benjamin Butler apparently forgot that she lives in the South where the honor of our Southern Heroes trumps the attitude of Yankees who move here.

Benjamin Butler

Ms. Riely’s actions remind me how my Confederate ancestor was treated when taking his seat in the 41st Congress. In 1871 Butler attempted to deny my ancestor, Captain Steven Alpheastus Corker, his seat. Butler was defeated and the seating of Corker was National news. Corker was the last US House Representative to be challenged in the reunited States after the War of Northern Aggression.

Southern sentiment at the time can be summed up in this quote from the Macon telegraph January, 31, 1871 “We hope, therefore, Georgia is now a State of the Union, and that a Georgian is just as much a citizen as a New Yorker or a man from Ohio.”

And now in 2015 such is the rule of law in the Georgia that trumps any Northern ideas of denying the citizens of Georgia the right to honor their Confederate Ancestors.

The State caved on tags due to the fact that the sale of Sons of Confederate tags was embedded into the state law. The action of further denying the tags meant legal consequences for the State of Georgia.

Deal’s Abolitionist made the mistake of assuming the Texas SCV tag case gave her the right to deny the Georgia tag from being sold. She was thrilled that the Supreme Court had denied Texas its SCV tag in June of 2015 and immediately went into action. The case of Walker Vs. SCV gave the State of Texas the right to say no to any tag with a Confederate Theme.

Lynne Riley

But Georgia is not Texas. The tags in Georgia were one of the scraps of the final change in the State Flag in 2003 that the enemies of Georgia’s Confederate Heritage threw like a bone to the sons of Dixy. The approval of these tags went through the legislature in the form of a contract with the State. 

The SCV tags continue to remain protected from dictatorial commands of Scalawags like Governor Deal and Skohegan Skunks* like Lynne Riley.

The SCV agreed to removing the Confederate Flag backdrop but not remove the organizations logo. This allowed Deal to claim a pat on the back by the Republican Party which despises the Old South and the Loyal League of Atlanta.

 Meanwhile the Sons of the South can celebrate the fact that their Logo, which includes the Confederate Flag, will stay on tags across Georgia and Ms. Riley can learn a lesson. The Sons of the South will defend the Confederate Flag and honor thier heroes.

*Skohegan Skunks is a word used in Georgia for Carpetbaggers during Reconstruction.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Real Deal

Nathan Deal came to Dublin, Georgia on September 18, 2015 to attend the grand opening of the newly restored "Skyscraper". 

This Skyscraper is the First National Bank Building built by my Ggrandfather, 
Frank G. Corker in 1912.

After the ceremony I had the opportunity to approach the Governor and discuss an important issue to me and many other native Georgians.

Deal in his speech about the newly restored Bank Building was quoted as saying "I have every reason to believe that when we come back years from now, we'll look upon this Skyscraper as a beacon of learning that shines very brightly throughout this region of our state,"

"For a building that is 102 years old, this is a  rebirth. This is a new beginning and built on strong foundations. Those foundations will make us proud of what we are celebrating here today."

In the picture above I am shown having a chance to ask the question. "Why Governor Deal did you remove Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee's Birthday from the State Calendar" as shown below.

My premise on asking the question was his line of  mentioning the strong foundation of the First National Bank building. I told Deal "The strong foundation of the First National Bank building was my Great Grandfather. His foundation was his father Stephen Alpheastus Corker. S.A. Corker fought for the South and was a Captain in the 3rd Georgia Co A, Burke Guards and his memory should be honored not removed."

Deal fired back saying he did not remove the Confederate Holidays. Hearing this I felt like Fletcher in the movie "Outlaw Josey Wales"

 I then fired back that he left Martin Luther King's Name on the Calendar. Deal then said that was a federal holiday. The Governor was steely eyed and unwavering in his defense of what he had done. 

Deal is guilty of not having to run for office anymore and kissing the rears of the power structure of Atlanta and the Chamber of Commerce. These types have no need for the Confederate Heritage of Georgia. They would be fine seeing every mention of the South removed.

In honor of Deal's Removal of the mention of the Confederate Holiday Names, the Skowhegan Skunk* award is hereby presented to his honor Nathan Deal.

A Skowhegan Skunk is a reconstruction term Georgian's used for Carpetbaggers in the South after the War between the States. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Southern Poverty Law Center "SPLC" 2013 Tax Return Analysis

The Southern Poverty Law Center based in Montgomery Alabama states that its purpose is to fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice. The following is an analysis of the SPLC's 2013 tax return which is the most recent one available for public view. The SPLC is a "Non-Profit" charitable organization that pays no income taxes.

Being a CPA familiar with financial statements and tax returns, I have made the following analysis available as a public service to the American public. The reader can make his or her own conclusions.

Revenue from Contributions was approx. $43,000,000

Salaries were approx. $17,000,000

This means that approx. 40% of contributions goes to salaries

Another part Revenue is investment income of Approx. $10,000,000 which equals approx. 18% of the total income of the charity.

Officer's Salaries totaled approx. $2,000,000

Founder Morris Dees total compensation totals approx. $364,000

Investments total approx. $317,000,00

Of the total Investments approx. $302,000,000 are in Private Investment funds.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ebay Bans Confederate Flag Sales

September 13, 2015

Ebay Headquarters
Atten: Devin Wenig
2065 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125

Dear Mr. Wenig:

I recently placed two items for sale on ebay. I have been a member of ebay since 12/13/2004. As of yesterday I had been a seller for 1,432 days. I am closing my account effective today.

The reason I am closing my account is because your company has decided that your company “believes the image of the confederate flag itself has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism.”

I am from the State of Georgia and my two items were a T-shirt and the Georgia Flag. The T-shirt has a Confederate Flag on it with the saying “It’s a Southern Thing, Y’all Wouldn’t Understand.” Obviously you do not understand that the majority of Southerners and people around the world see the flag as a symbol of our region and history. The only reason it is divisive is because people like you and your company make it divisive.

According to your 2014 annual report page 14 lists item 1A:Risk Factors. From the report “Substantial and increasingly intense competition worldwide in the ecommerce and global payments industry may materially and adversely affect our overall business and results of operations.”

Might I suggest you add to your risk factors stupid decisions by management. I have already moved my business and my account to Ebid and look forward to dealing with them going forward.

I must say that the recent plunge in your stock price seems to coincide with you decision to ban Confederate Items on June 23, 2015. Your action against me and others will be spread across the internet via this letter so that others can make the same decision as I have.


John C. Hall, Jr.

Encl: Stock plunge, removal message and my account closing message

CC: Pierre M. Omidyar, Founder

------------------------Posted for Sale on Ebay - Banned----------------------------------


--------------------Now listed on Ebid - Ebay's biggest competitor-------------------------

Click this link for Ebid

Stock Price Dive


Dear forrestcsa1,

Recently, eBay took action on your account due to a policy violation related to this item: Its a Southern Thing T-shirt, 100% Cotton. We would like to get your feedback regarding this recent interaction via the survey link below.

eBay sent this message to Hall,Jr., John (forrestcsa1).
Your registered name is included to show this message came from eBay. 
Learn more about how to tell if an email is really from eBay.

Your listing has been removed: Discrimination in a Listing

Hello forrestcsa1,
After reviewing your eBay account, it looks like you haven’t followed our Discrimination in a Listing policy. We understand that you may not have been aware of this policy or that this may have been an oversight, so we're including some policy information to help you with your future listings. We also had to take the following actions:
- Listings that didn't follow eBay guidelines have been removed. A list of removed items is available further down in this email.
- We have credited all associated fees except for the final value fee for your listing(s).

Listings that promote or endorse discrimination against any individuals or groups aren’t allowed on eBay.

To learn more about our offensive-materials policy, go to: 

Ebay has made a decision to no longer permit Confederate battle flag listings. Likewise, items designed with the pattern of the battle flag as the central theme are also prohibited. We believe the image of the flag itself has become a contemporary symbol of divisiveness and racism. This is not a reflection or judgement on anyone selling the item and we respect that there are a wide variety of opinions on this issue. We thank you for your understanding and ask you to please not list these kinds of items. We would have loved to explain this to you over a phone call, however, this item was removed outside of our calling hours. (9:00 AM to 9:00 PM)

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with this information and be sure that your current and future listings follow these guidelines. If they don’t, they'll be removed and we may, at our sole discretion, decide not to refund your fees. It could also result in additional actions, including loss of buying and selling privileges on eBay.

If you have any more questions, contact our policy experts.

Here are the listings that were removed:
291560558430 - Its a Southern Thing T-shirt, 100% Cotton
291561248766 - Georgia state flag

Today at 11:46 AM
eBay sent this message to John Hall, Jr. (forrestcsa1).
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MC999 Notice: User Account Closed per User Request

Hello forrestcsa1 (,

As you requested, we've started the process of closing your account. Your account is now blocked from bidding or listing on eBay. You can still access your account information to find out if you owe any fees. However, if you've had recent listings or bidding activity, you'll need to wait 60 days.

By allowing days to pass, we can make sure that all of your transactions are complete. After these days pass, we'll close your account and send you a final account closure notice. We'll also contact you if you have an unpaid balance on your account.

Please note that after we close your account, your contact information, transaction history, and Feedback Profile will be permanently deleted from our system.

If you don't want to permanently close your account, please click "Help & Contact" at the top of most eBay pages to reach us contact us immediately. 



Please don't reply to this message. It was sent from an address that doesn't accept incoming email.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My Congressman Rick Allen and the Confederate Flag

August 28, 2015 I had a chance to go to a gathering in Dublin, Georgia to see my Congressman Rick Allen about the recent vote in Congress dealing with the Confederate Flag.

Congress had done a voice vote on two amendments regarding the Confederate Flag. They passed by voice vote but were subsequently

 These amendments were written by a Californian Congressman named Huffman. The two amendments follow.

AMENDMENT TO H.R. 2822, AS REPORTED OFFERED BY MR. HUFFMAN OF CALIFORNIA At the end of the bill, before the short title, insert the following: 1 SEC. ll. None of the funds made available by this 2 Act may be used to implement National Park Service Di- 3 rector’s Order 61 as it pertains to allowing a grave in any 4 Federal cemetery to be decorated with a Confederate flag.

 AMENDMENT TO H.R. 2822 OFFERED BY MR. HUFFMAN OF CALIFORNIA At the end of the bill, before the short title, insert the following: 1 SEC. ll. None of the funds made available by this 2 Act may be used to enter into a new contract or agreement 3 or to administer a portion of an existing contract or agree- 4 ment with a concessioner, a cooperating association, or 5 any other entity that provides for the sale in any facility 6 within a unit of the National Park System of an item with 7 a Confederate flag as a stand-alone feature.

Upon contacting my Congressman Rick Allen's office I was told that Allen was taking calls on the issue. I could not believe that my congressman would even consider banning Confederate Flags.

 I received the following letter from Congressman Allen. Upon reading it I read between the lines that he was in support of the removal of Confederate Flags. When I found out that he would be in town I decided to bring my letter and ask him in his presence if this was true.

The County Courthouse is not far from my Confederate Vetrerans home built in 1873. I walked down and found a gathering outside of County Commissioners, Chamber members, city council and others from the community. I carried a Confederate Flag I have had for over 20 years. The looks on the crowds faces were typical like a deer in the headlights. I greeted a few folks I knew including a history professor who had invited me to give a talk on Reconstruction in Georgia in his classroom at our local university......The head of the State VFW approached me and said he liked my flag. I was also wearing my Confederate Kapi.

It was then picture time for the entire group so I went to the back of the group with my flag. Previously Congressman Allen had shook my hand. While standing behind I was asked by a member of his staff to move out of the picture. My response was NO....this is a free country. The picture was taken.

We then all moved  indoors for a meeting. I was still carrying my Confederate Flag and stood with everybody else listening....the meeting went on for about 20 minutes and then the official meeting was over.

I then approached the congressman as seen in the picture above. I waited my turn to discuss the flag issue.

We then had a conversation. I discussed his letter and what the meaning was. Of course he was avoiding the meaning of his letter and I had to ask three different times. Eventually I asked "Do you support what Niki Haley of South Carolina did by taking down the Confederate Flag." His answer was YES!

During the conversation several items to note.....upon inquiry Allen defended himself...... he got defensive and said I should run for office against him......he said that the flag caused problems for States and business and that some people were offended. I mentioned that it was a part of our history and heritage and should not be taken down.

 He mentioned he had been in business for 30 years....I answered back that I have been in business for 20 years and by having my own business nobody could fire me for carrying and supporting the flag.

Allen asked me if my children supported what I was doing (say what?) response was that they were not as politically active as I was. I did mention to him that my daughter had written her us senator and I was proud of that.

The conversation went on for a few more minutes and then he left. I was talking to one of the County Commissioners about his Confederate Ancestor and the pistol he had in his possession. So many Southerners actually support the Confederate Flag but hide their views due to political correctness.

All of the sudden Mr. Allen came back into the room and walked up to me. It was just he and I in the room. Clearly he was concerned that he had let the cat out of the bag regarding not supporting the Confederate Flag. He started talking about his christian faith and how christ leads him every day. I found this to be a defense of his position on the flag as if saying being a christian gave excuse for his anti-flag stance. One's faith is a private thing and does not need to be used for politics btw.

I found this entire event with Allen a confirmation of my initial belief that Allen was against the Confederate Flag. In our conversation I used my knowledge of history gained by spending 3 years of research and writing on my book about my ancestor. I mentioned to Allen my ancestor was a member of the 41st us Congress. Allen was antagonistic in a gentlemanly way. When I left I actually felt sorry for him.

I did learn one thing about the vote on the amendments. The CA congressman had done the voice vote at midnight. Clearly Rep Huffman is your typical California Fruit Cake Coward. The only fruit cake I like comes from Claxton, Georgia.

 As Ronnie Van Zant said "A Southern Man don't need him around anyhow."

Rep. Huffman: Shameful that House Republicans quashed progress made to take down Confederate Flag

Jul 9, 2015 
Press Release
Huffman: “Symbols matter.”
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Congressman Jared Huffman (D-San Rafael), the author of two amendments
 curtailing sales and displays of Confederate flags on federal property, today released the following
statement after House Republican Leadership retracted a spending bill, effectively quashing the
 progress the House of Representatives made to take down the Confederate flag.
“The United States House of Representatives had an opportunity to add its voice to end the
 promotion of the cruel, racist legacy of the Confederacy. My amendments were intended to
 help move us in the direction of reconciliation, unity, and justice. Initially, it appeared that
 my GOP colleagues would join us in the movement to take down the Confederate battle flag
 and unanimously supported my amendments.
“But politics has now barred the way forward. It is shameful that House leadership has
 decided to pull the entire Interior Appropriations bill over this issue in order to prevent 
a public debate and vote.
“Symbols matter. Even General Robert E. Lee recognized that symbols of the Confederacy 
are symbols of treason—which is why he asked that they not appear in his funeral. The United
 States Congress in 2015 should be at least as forward-looking as Robert E. Lee was in 1869.”

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nathan Deal's Abolistionist

This is Governor Nathan Dead of Georgia's head of the Department of Revenue. She is responsible for halting the sale of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Car tags in Georgia.

I had an opportunity to attend the annual Georgia Society of CPA's annual meeting with the Georgia Department of Revenue. This picture was taken at the meeting.

Her name is Lynne Riley

Commissioner Lynne Riley" <

She is from of all places Massachusetts. She is not a CPA but a lowly bookkeeper who was a State Representative from Johns Creek. Apparently she is just a political hack for Nathan Deal.

As luck would have it I arrived 10 minutes early and was standing with several others...once I realized who she was I immediately asked her "Why did you halt the sale of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Car tags". Judging from her reaction she was stunned that someone would ask her that question.

She said basically that paperwork had never been done on the tag properly. I then told her the tags have been around for years. To paraphrase....Her reaction was that they were getting things in order. I then asked her if other organizations were having to get their paperwork in order. At this point the director of legislative relations from the Georgia Society pulled me away.

He said that this was not the place to question the director. I responded that I was a native of Georgia, a CPA, a paid member of the Georgia Society and I had the right to question her. I also told him that the first bill introduced in the Georgia House to get funds from the tags for the Georgia Division was because I called Bobby Franklin and asked him to introduce the bill!

As a native Atlantan I always ask the question.....Where are you from? The director said the classic line "I have been here for 11 years."....that means you are not from the South....I then asked again...he said Maryland...hmmm...not quite as bad as being from NY like most of the attendees of the conference........the whole meeting the sound of yankee accents permeated the air...

Suffice it to say that the Skowhegan Skunk (used during reconstruction by Georgians for Carpetbaggers) got away from being cornered.....her whole demeanor was like a cornered possum hissing and ready to strike...not once did she look me in the eye and respond.

Georgians know why the abolitionist cancelled our tags.....all because of the Confederate Flag. It was great to have a chance to confront this yankee.

Interesting to note that about 15 members of the Georgia Department of Revenue staff were at the meeting. Only 3 were white....the rest were black. Maybe Ms.Riley feels the need to free the slaves from the site of the Sons of Confederate Tag.....I am sure by pulling the tag down black lives will really matter even more.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Stone Mountain Rally For the South August 1st 2015

A great crowd showed up for the Southern Rally at Stone Mountain. An estimated 1,000 Southerners had a great time. Had a chance to speak to the crowd about the SCV Car tags (Governor Deal has halted the Sale of the tags), Reconstruction, Stone Mountain History and the Atlanta City Council member who stole $15,000 from Atlanta ........Julian Bond's Son. He is the one behind the National Association of Angry Colored People's Efforts to blast the Confederates from Stone Mountain.

All about being Southern Ya'll.....

From my upcoming book on Captain Corker's letters I was able to mention several topics.....these included why Corker fought........"For Glory, Honor and Family".....and mentioning a letter that ended with  "All send their love black and white" Both letters from 1862. Also discussed Reconstruction as Corker was elected to the 41st Congress in 1870. Corker's election was contested and his seat initially denied by Benjamin "Spoons." Butler. Mention was made of all the first time in the USA the election of the first black Congressmen and Senators during Reconstruction.....Not one was elected to a Northern State!

A fine looking young man supporting the flag

One of the best crackers in Attendance

Cowboy with the Bonnie Blue on top of the mountain.

A very unusual combination...

Confederates marching up to the Top!

On top with Confederates

To the West the place where I was born....Atlanta, Ga. Georgia Baptist Hospital. Climbed the mountain bare foot....I hate shoes.....

We stayed for the Laser Light show....glad they still show Lee, Jackson and Davis on mounted horses marching across the Mountain.......this while Elvis sang the trilogy. One point of note....they show Lee breaking his sword at the end of this part of the Show....Lee would never have broken his sword.
The South was Right!