Tuesday, January 8, 2013

John Barrow - Statesman or Politician?

John Barrow US Congressman 12th Congressional District
January 8, 2013

John Barrow was in Dublin, Georgia today having town hall  gathering. There were about 60-75 folks in attendance  I had a chance to take notes on several issues that were discussed and then asked my own questions face to face after the meeting.

Highlights of the meeting and some of the questions asked are below. I have paraphrased some of the following:

1) Why are you a Democrat?
A) Because I was raised and democrat and it is part of my heritage.

2) What about the fiscal cliff?
A) Good things such as permanent tax law changes...bad things no spending  tackled..kicked down the road two months.

3) From an old civil rights era black man...it seems there are many who are attacking everything the president does. Why is this?
A) Nothing new...the same attacks happened to George Bush..it's politics.

4)What about the gun control debate and taking guns?
A) Not under my watch.

5) What about NDAA and the detainment of American Citizens?
A) Only applies outside of the US.

6) Did you vote for Obama Care?
A) No.

7) What about support for Israel and Egypt?
A) I support both due to the strategic situation having a democracy in the middle east and the middle east peace accord between the two countries. In addition support for both mean jobs in the us through the defense department.

8) Why can't congress get anything done?
A) Partisanship is more prevailant than it was back in the 70's when Barrow did an internship.

There were other issues discussed but the above were the main focus. My take on Barrow is he is a rare one.....more statesmen than politician.....I loved when his Southern accent came out. He is from the Athens, Georgia area. He is a blue dog Democrat which means he is conservative. He is new to Dublin as our congressman. The republicans tried to get rid of him in redistricting this last election but it says something when he got re-elected. The only caveat is this from my ancestor's letter dated September 5, 1872 "Politics is hateful & stirs bad blood." Captain Corker of the CSA served one term in the 41st US Congress in 1871.

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