Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nathan Deal's Abolistionist

This is Governor Nathan Dead of Georgia's head of the Department of Revenue. She is responsible for halting the sale of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Car tags in Georgia.

I had an opportunity to attend the annual Georgia Society of CPA's annual meeting with the Georgia Department of Revenue. This picture was taken at the meeting.

Her name is Lynne Riley

Commissioner Lynne Riley" <

She is from of all places Massachusetts. She is not a CPA but a lowly bookkeeper who was a State Representative from Johns Creek. Apparently she is just a political hack for Nathan Deal.

As luck would have it I arrived 10 minutes early and was standing with several others...once I realized who she was I immediately asked her "Why did you halt the sale of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Car tags". Judging from her reaction she was stunned that someone would ask her that question.

She said basically that paperwork had never been done on the tag properly. I then told her the tags have been around for years. To paraphrase....Her reaction was that they were getting things in order. I then asked her if other organizations were having to get their paperwork in order. At this point the director of legislative relations from the Georgia Society pulled me away.

He said that this was not the place to question the director. I responded that I was a native of Georgia, a CPA, a paid member of the Georgia Society and I had the right to question her. I also told him that the first bill introduced in the Georgia House to get funds from the tags for the Georgia Division was because I called Bobby Franklin and asked him to introduce the bill!

As a native Atlantan I always ask the question.....Where are you from? The director said the classic line "I have been here for 11 years."....that means you are not from the South....I then asked again...he said Maryland...hmmm...not quite as bad as being from NY like most of the attendees of the conference........the whole meeting the sound of yankee accents permeated the air...

Suffice it to say that the Skowhegan Skunk (used during reconstruction by Georgians for Carpetbaggers) got away from being cornered.....her whole demeanor was like a cornered possum hissing and ready to strike...not once did she look me in the eye and respond.

Georgians know why the abolitionist cancelled our tags.....all because of the Confederate Flag. It was great to have a chance to confront this yankee.

Interesting to note that about 15 members of the Georgia Department of Revenue staff were at the meeting. Only 3 were white....the rest were black. Maybe Ms.Riley feels the need to free the slaves from the site of the Sons of Confederate Tag.....I am sure by pulling the tag down black lives will really matter even more.

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