Monday, August 3, 2015

Stone Mountain Rally For the South August 1st 2015

A great crowd showed up for the Southern Rally at Stone Mountain. An estimated 1,000 Southerners had a great time. Had a chance to speak to the crowd about the SCV Car tags (Governor Deal has halted the Sale of the tags), Reconstruction, Stone Mountain History and the Atlanta City Council member who stole $15,000 from Atlanta ........Julian Bond's Son. He is the one behind the National Association of Angry Colored People's Efforts to blast the Confederates from Stone Mountain.

All about being Southern Ya'll.....

From my upcoming book on Captain Corker's letters I was able to mention several topics.....these included why Corker fought........"For Glory, Honor and Family".....and mentioning a letter that ended with  "All send their love black and white" Both letters from 1862. Also discussed Reconstruction as Corker was elected to the 41st Congress in 1870. Corker's election was contested and his seat initially denied by Benjamin "Spoons." Butler. Mention was made of all the first time in the USA the election of the first black Congressmen and Senators during Reconstruction.....Not one was elected to a Northern State!

A fine looking young man supporting the flag

One of the best crackers in Attendance

Cowboy with the Bonnie Blue on top of the mountain.

A very unusual combination...

Confederates marching up to the Top!

On top with Confederates

To the West the place where I was born....Atlanta, Ga. Georgia Baptist Hospital. Climbed the mountain bare foot....I hate shoes.....

We stayed for the Laser Light show....glad they still show Lee, Jackson and Davis on mounted horses marching across the Mountain.......this while Elvis sang the trilogy. One point of note....they show Lee breaking his sword at the end of this part of the Show....Lee would never have broken his sword.
The South was Right!

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