Monday, September 14, 2015

Southern Poverty Law Center "SPLC" 2013 Tax Return Analysis

The Southern Poverty Law Center based in Montgomery Alabama states that its purpose is to fight hate, teach tolerance and seek justice. The following is an analysis of the SPLC's 2013 tax return which is the most recent one available for public view. The SPLC is a "Non-Profit" charitable organization that pays no income taxes.

Being a CPA familiar with financial statements and tax returns, I have made the following analysis available as a public service to the American public. The reader can make his or her own conclusions.

Revenue from Contributions was approx. $43,000,000

Salaries were approx. $17,000,000

This means that approx. 40% of contributions goes to salaries

Another part Revenue is investment income of Approx. $10,000,000 which equals approx. 18% of the total income of the charity.

Officer's Salaries totaled approx. $2,000,000

Founder Morris Dees total compensation totals approx. $364,000

Investments total approx. $317,000,00

Of the total Investments approx. $302,000,000 are in Private Investment funds.


  1. Damn makes me hope for a big crash in the market or the stocks they hold anyway.

  2. Well the poverty part of this company sure isn't the people that work there. I lost a job because my skin was to light but they were not interested.