Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Real Deal

Nathan Deal came to Dublin, Georgia on September 18, 2015 to attend the grand opening of the newly restored "Skyscraper". 

This Skyscraper is the First National Bank Building built by my Ggrandfather, 
Frank G. Corker in 1912.

After the ceremony I had the opportunity to approach the Governor and discuss an important issue to me and many other native Georgians.

Deal in his speech about the newly restored Bank Building was quoted as saying "I have every reason to believe that when we come back years from now, we'll look upon this Skyscraper as a beacon of learning that shines very brightly throughout this region of our state,"

"For a building that is 102 years old, this is a  rebirth. This is a new beginning and built on strong foundations. Those foundations will make us proud of what we are celebrating here today."

In the picture above I am shown having a chance to ask the question. "Why Governor Deal did you remove Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee's Birthday from the State Calendar" as shown below.

My premise on asking the question was his line of  mentioning the strong foundation of the First National Bank building. I told Deal "The strong foundation of the First National Bank building was my Great Grandfather. His foundation was his father Stephen Alpheastus Corker. S.A. Corker fought for the South and was a Captain in the 3rd Georgia Co A, Burke Guards and his memory should be honored not removed."

Deal fired back saying he did not remove the Confederate Holidays. Hearing this I felt like Fletcher in the movie "Outlaw Josey Wales"

 I then fired back that he left Martin Luther King's Name on the Calendar. Deal then said that was a federal holiday. The Governor was steely eyed and unwavering in his defense of what he had done. 

Deal is guilty of not having to run for office anymore and kissing the rears of the power structure of Atlanta and the Chamber of Commerce. These types have no need for the Confederate Heritage of Georgia. They would be fine seeing every mention of the South removed.

In honor of Deal's Removal of the mention of the Confederate Holiday Names, the Skowhegan Skunk* award is hereby presented to his honor Nathan Deal.

A Skowhegan Skunk is a reconstruction term Georgian's used for Carpetbaggers in the South after the War between the States. 

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  1. goes to show you vote for one person get them elected and then someone else shows up to be in office. time to remove all politicians from office and start over. gov. deal became a coward