Thursday, October 1, 2015

Behind the scenes of the New “Deal” on SCV car tags.

In June of this year 2015 Governor Nathan Deal and his Abolitionist Lynne Riley, head of the Georgia Department of Revenue, halted the sale of tags with the Confederate Flag on them. These tags have been sold in the State of Georgia since 2003.

The tags that were halted had the Confederate Flag in the background with the Sons of Confederate Veterans logo on them.

Lynne Riley upon initially halting the sale of the tags was quoted as saying “There will not be another Confederate Flag on the State Tag.” Riley from Massachusetts, home of the hated Benjamin Butler apparently forgot that she lives in the South where the honor of our Southern Heroes trumps the attitude of Yankees who move here.

Benjamin Butler

Ms. Riely’s actions remind me how my Confederate ancestor was treated when taking his seat in the 41st Congress. In 1871 Butler attempted to deny my ancestor, Captain Steven Alpheastus Corker, his seat. Butler was defeated and the seating of Corker was National news. Corker was the last US House Representative to be challenged in the reunited States after the War of Northern Aggression.

Southern sentiment at the time can be summed up in this quote from the Macon telegraph January, 31, 1871 “We hope, therefore, Georgia is now a State of the Union, and that a Georgian is just as much a citizen as a New Yorker or a man from Ohio.”

And now in 2015 such is the rule of law in the Georgia that trumps any Northern ideas of denying the citizens of Georgia the right to honor their Confederate Ancestors.

The State caved on tags due to the fact that the sale of Sons of Confederate tags was embedded into the state law. The action of further denying the tags meant legal consequences for the State of Georgia.

Deal’s Abolitionist made the mistake of assuming the Texas SCV tag case gave her the right to deny the Georgia tag from being sold. She was thrilled that the Supreme Court had denied Texas its SCV tag in June of 2015 and immediately went into action. The case of Walker Vs. SCV gave the State of Texas the right to say no to any tag with a Confederate Theme.

Lynne Riley

But Georgia is not Texas. The tags in Georgia were one of the scraps of the final change in the State Flag in 2003 that the enemies of Georgia’s Confederate Heritage threw like a bone to the sons of Dixy. The approval of these tags went through the legislature in the form of a contract with the State. 

The SCV tags continue to remain protected from dictatorial commands of Scalawags like Governor Deal and Skohegan Skunks* like Lynne Riley.

The SCV agreed to removing the Confederate Flag backdrop but not remove the organizations logo. This allowed Deal to claim a pat on the back by the Republican Party which despises the Old South and the Loyal League of Atlanta.

 Meanwhile the Sons of the South can celebrate the fact that their Logo, which includes the Confederate Flag, will stay on tags across Georgia and Ms. Riley can learn a lesson. The Sons of the South will defend the Confederate Flag and honor thier heroes.

*Skohegan Skunks is a word used in Georgia for Carpetbaggers during Reconstruction.

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